Geeks Callout
Geeks Callout London visit you at your home or office to repair computer, laptop and mac right in front of you.
A virus can do dangerous things to laptop and desktop computer.
IT Support London is providing Computer repair and Laptop repair service to home and business users in London.
These guys really saved my day and a lot of my work. Absolutely have no complaints with the service. Thanks for replacing my faulty hard drive and I have no more freezing problem.
Delighted to use service of your company. My computer has never been that faster and quicker than before. it feels brand new. Thanks.
CT Computer Services
At Chris Taylor Computer Services. We take pride in providing our customers with over 25 years of experience and friendly advice. We offer on-site and telephone support, health-checks and maintenance
We aim to fix your computer, laptop, iPhone or other equipment at the best possible price, with the best possible service in the best possible time. We only use new, high quality parts to repair your
Sun Computer Solutions
We offers complete computer repair services down to board level for all manufacturer makes and models of out of warranty computer hardware and software components including: IBM compatible brands,
Team IT UK
We are Laptop Repair specialists based in west London. We repair almost all Makes & Models including Apple, Dell, Sony, HP, Compaq, Toshiba, Asus, IBM, Lenovo, Fujitsu Siemens, Acer and Packard Bell.
London PC Solutions
We strongly believe that success of a business depends on the delivery of service: whether the service all but encompasses the demands of customer and the demands are equally important whether there
Mobile Computer Repairs
All Prices are for labour and do not include parts. The Cost of parts will vary. We do not make any profit from parts. We will source the best parts at the best price. All customers can supply there
Computer Highway
Established in 2001 Computer Highway (UK) Limited has been providing 1st class IT support and services to consumers and businesses nationwide. Computer Highway have a team of IT specialists with years
PcRevive Computer Services
The majority of faults and problems on your PC or Laptop can be solved on the spot, within an hour. In some cases your computer may need to be transported to our workshop where we will use the
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