PC Doctor London

We service and repair laptops, notebooks and other PC & Mac computers in Greater London area. Feel free to browse web pages of our website at any time at www. My PC Doc.co.uk to find out more about our PC and Mac computer services. We are happy to help you with any computer problems. We will troubleshoot all your pc defects and conflicts. Feel free to discuss your computer problems with us, send us an email or call our office to get fast and professional help and support. This is the place to find all useful information and/or to repair your PC or Apple Mac Notebooks, Laptops and Computers fast and inexpensive.

We service PCs in Greater London are as well as people from any other place remotely - via the home broadband internet connection. Our IT engineers speak both English and Polish language as well as the language of your sick PC or Mac computer. We offer fast and free pickups and workshop repair or mobile - onsite services without call out charge.