Upgrade for Windows 8.1

I have an Asus tower computer which I think is about 8 years old but is functioning fine. However, it has Windows 8.1 and I am now getting messages that this operating system is not supported. The first question is should I upgrade to Windows 10 or buy a new computer? The computer has office version Home and Student 2010 on it as well as Microsoft Money 2000. For both of these products we need to work on any upgrades. In addition, we use Microsoft Edge, Teams and Zoom and our email is via Tiscali and outlook accounts. The second question is if we upgrade wiĺl these work and do we need to upgrade the office. There is one problem with emails in that the computer seems to decide when to download new ones and when to send one we have composed. This would need sorting out but I suspect the problem is caused by the settings. Can you advise me if an upgrade would be a sensible way forward and if so the cost of that upgrade, any cost to upgrade programmes and whether they would work and finally the cost of sorting the email problem? Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.

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18 Jan, 2023
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