iFix-IT Computer Services

After this service has been carried out, your computer will run more efficiently saving you money without requiring hardware upgrades.

Repairs carry a 3 month warranty against defects and can often be done within 48 hours subject to parts being in stock.

Viruses can be very annoying and also do some serious damage to your system and data. In today's modern internet age they are very easily picked up if you don't have the right protection. The vast majority of viruses today are more commonly known as spyware, adware or malware. Programs such as these infect your computer and display numerous pop ups telling you that you have lots of infections, most of which look genuine! The sole purpose of these fake anti-virus programs is to get you to buy the software to remove them but it will damage your system further. In addition these companies now have your personal information including your credit card details which can be used to defraud you.