About the Business

Evening Computing project started in the summer of 2001 by Elías L. Sanchez shortly after he met Simon Fuell in Chelmsford a place in Essex County. Both had a background in Information Technology and were doing jobs not related to their professional skills in order to make ends meet. Once both found work in the IT industry they started Evening Computing. The idea was to generate additional income from their spare time by having reasonable computer repairs in Essex and London.

Elías grew up in Jagьey Grande, a place famous for his Jagьeyenses, being the biggest citrus plantation in the world and the number of schools in the area. He had great teachers who played a big role in shaping his personality with knowledge acquisition and team player tasks.

Back in 1991, Elías graduated as a teacher in Cuba; the equivalent qualification in Britain would be an HND. After a short stint as a teacher, he changed his career to customer services and sales.

Location & Hours

16 Green Lane

Broxbourne, EN10 6RS
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