Computer Doctor Home Call

Not so many years ago, computers were almost unheard of and was the stuff of science fiction or latterly used by big companies and governments. The last ten to fifteen years has seen nothing less than a revolution in the use of personal computers, tablets and now smart phones. With the benefits of these new devices, comes with problems; how to use them effectively and safely? Viruses, adware, spyware, phishing. These are new terms that were unheard of not so long ago. A few miss-clicks can mean that your computer is infected with some nasties.

Children without access to a computer or tablet at home are at a distinct disadvantage at school, as much of the homework given requires access to the internet. It is very important that children our able to surf the internet safely without going onto sites that are unsuitable. We aim to help you with these problems and advise you as to how to use your computer or tablet wisely and minimise the risks of something going wrong.