Computer Clinic

Serving the North East area, Computer Clinic specialises in the Home user & small business market. Computers have become an integral part of everyday life and almost every home now has one. As much as we love them when they work there is nothing more frustrating when the PC starts to go wrong and misbehave.

Viruses, spyware, software problems, networking & internet connection issues are some of the most common problems and when they happen you need someone who really knows not only how to fix them but also prevent them from happening again. Alternatively, if you are looking to upgrade your system then why not discuss your requirements and have all the research done for you.

There is no call out fee and you only pay for the time spent at your property, subject to a £25 minimum should any work be undertaken. If it is more convenient for you I will call and disconnect your system, take it for repair and return to set it up again.