We have spent the last 16 years dealing with all sorts of computer systems from large Server systems to small home computers. We have built computers from supplied components. Installed various operating systems and all types of software. We can setup everything from advanced game playing machines to standard office machines/servers. Also We setup advanced armour on machines to protect them against virus, trojan and hacking attacks.

I personally spent 13 years serving in the Royal Navy as a Weapons Systems Specialist. I then left the navy to work for a company designing a maintenance card system for the MOD. From there I worked for the Department of Transport. I left there to work in a sixth form college. After that I worked in the defence industry for a while. Finally I ended up a full time computer systems analyst contractor. My hobby is building repairing and maintaining computers.

If you wish to supply your own version of Windows 7 we can setup your system safely for £48.