Adam's Computer Services

Adam's Computer Services upgrades computers, laptops and netbooks, and repairs issues including blue screen of death (BSOD), system hang, crashes or lockups. Cooling fans and heat sinks are cleaned to resolve overheating. Bloatware removed, optimising new computers for performance. We can build, repair or secure both wireless and wired networks, including file and printer sharing, and backup systems. Operating system and BIOS passwords removed or reset. All peripherals configured and tested, or have driver update issues resolved.

If your hard disk, flash drives, or memory cards have been damaged, formatted or are no longer accessible then their data may be recoverable, depending on the nature of the fault. Some faults require specialist attention. Repairable issues are formatted or deleted files and broken USB ports: sockets can be repaired and data restored. If you have sensitive data then Adam can erase it securely.