7 System Computers

We supply repair & upgrade services to all types of computers from monster gaming pc's to tablets. We also supply raspberry pi's & beagle boards for the more adventurous user, these miniture computers can be used for a wide range of applications from media centres to weather stations & network attached storage servers, perfect for large movie & music collections allowing HD streaming to other pc's, tablets & even phones. A large range of apps can also be installed on the raspberry pi, including: youtube, bbc iplayer and many more.

Raspberry pi's are also great project computers, running a version of linux operating system, they can be easily programmed to control robots, 3D printers, mini retro arcade machines and hundreds of other applications, call in to our shop and try one out!. We buy new, old or damaged desktops, laptops & tablets for cash, call in and see how much you could get for you old computer.