24-7 Computer Doctor

A limited company formed in 2004 by professional I.T. Engineers, each with many years' hands on experience working for corporates. As you can appreciate, I.T. has many disciplines, and no one can be an expert in every one. That's why we have specialists in each area so that you can be assured that you are getting the best advice and service. Our customers range from the complete novice home user to medium sized businesses - anyone who needs their I.T. supported, but doesn't want the expense of their own I.T. department.

Although of course we are technically very skilled, we are not "geeks" - you'll find us very easy to talk to. We will travel anywhere and we do not charge a callout fee if you are within 10 miles of Bracknell. If you are outside of this area, we charge a call out fee dependant on the time and distance involved. We have to do this simply to cover costs. We can also provide a remote access fix anywhere worldwide providing you have a reasonable internet connection.