A simple and effective service to repair your computer, PC or Apple, remotely. No need to lug your laptop or desktop to the shops, wait in line for 30 minutes and then wait 3-5 days for your computer to be ready for you to have to go back to now collect your computer and hope that it is fixed.

We aim to please and that is exactly what we do, everyday. Our customers have loved the freedom that our Remote PC Repair service gives them & with a 100% Money Back Guarantee, there is never any risk.

Over the years we have found that with peoples ever increasing busy lives there was never enough time to set aside for some computer maintenance. Coupled with the fact that the internet is now a dangerous place. Only a month ago the governemt and media were warnig us about an imminent attack on our poor computers by cyber thieves. If it has been more than 8 months since your last computer service then try our System Clean service to bring your computer back to running fast and free of viruses.