Dorchester Computer Repairs

PC Repairs * Servers * Laptop Repairs * Game Console Repairs * LCD/Plasma Repairs * Monitor Repairs * Hi-Fi Repairs * CCTV Repairs * Mobile Repairs & Unlocking * Something else? Give us a call! To respond to customer requests within 12 hours and have the repairs or maintenance completed within 36 to 48 hours. We do not charge profit on replacement parts and offer the same trade discount to our customers that we get. We also stock a large number of second hand refurbished spares for Desktop Computers, Laptop Computers and Game Consoles and can often upgrade older machines at a low budget.

We always try to identify what went wrong to inform you as to how the problem occurred and to offer a less expensive but as equally effective repair. Sometimes when a computers main board fails, replacing the 10 or so capacitors at 20p each is less than a new main board of around Ј50.