John, the owner of Compudocs, has been building and repairing PCs since the early 1990s. This, along with a degree in Computing, means that there's little about PCs that he hasn't come across before. So, when your PC starts acting strangely, not working at all or running very slowly, we can generally get to the root of the problem and define the solution quickly. Given how important your PC has become in everyday life, a speedy resolution can be very important! CompuDocs offer comprehensive home computer support which includes upgrades and repairs, networking (wired and wireless), data-backup, tuition and more.

Compudocs will come to your home and will take your PC away to do the necessary work. This is to keep the cost to you down, and we will endeavour to return your PC as quickly as possible. We operate mainly in the West Lothian and Edinburgh areas although we are not restricted to these parts of Scotland; if in doubt, give us a call!