da Badagry Computing Ltd Coalville Computer Repairs, LE67, 01530 831705

Badagry Computing Ltd Computer Repairs in Coalville

Badagry Computing Ltd
Location: Coalville
Address: 28A Belvoir Rd
Postcode: LE67 3PN
Classification: Computer Repairs
Phone: 01530 831705
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Reviews for Badagry Computing Ltd
Avoid at all cost's
by Miss Laptop Owner from leicestershire posted on 24/11/2011
Advantages: the only advantage that it was cheap
Disadvantages: take over a week longer than what they say.
i dealt with them 3 times with in the space of 2 months. i bought a hard drive from there and it didnít work it had the wrong adapter on. Took my computer in to be fixed said it would be a day i went in everyday for a week and still wasnít done. Finally got it back and it was done wrong and stopped working within a week. Took it back woman on the counter was very rude and tried to make it my fault. the owner came out and said he has never not fixed one properly before (rubbish) pixel was missing on the screen and he didnít care. He said the item would be fixed by the next day, went in 2 days later not fixed. 4 days later still not fixed he told us to come back before 9pm, came back at 6pm no one there. got it back the day after and he said he didnít even need to order new screen so he that meant he hadnít even tried to look at! He tried to make out there was something inside it but he was the only one to ever to fix it. Really useless the only thing was that it was cheaper than other places but i wished i had paid more and gone somewhere else.

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avoid at all costs
by Miss Not Relavent from coalville posted on 26/08/2012
Advantages: non
Disadvantages: first problem fixed but caused another
took my laptop in because the bit where you plug the charger in had got broken,he said he could fix it by putting some kind of glue in it to hold the bit in place that had broken away,that was fine said it would be done the next day but it wasn't they had it for 5 days when they said it was ok to pick up they added the cost of a new charger to the bill even though i did't ask/need one they said mine didn't work properly though it worked fine before i left it with them made them take it off the bill which they did,got the laptop home and realised the fan inside had stopped working rang and told them they said it was already like that i know it was working before i left it with anyway as that now needing fixing i took it to another place not too far from badagry and she was disgusted with the mess they had left it in and when she took it apart she had to order in special tools to get into where the fan was because the amount of glue that he pumped inside it stuck everything together and made it almost immpossible to fix and yes this is why the fan had stopped working,it took the lady a number of days to fix but did it at no extra charge which was very kind.seriously though don't go to badagry it may be cheap short term but it's not worth the risk.

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